Phil Entzinmenger

Although Phil Entzminger was born and partially raised in Salzburg, Germany, he considers himself a New Yorker at heart. After all, New York City is where he spent most of his childhood and where he graduated high school. Phil is now a strong lover of baseball, with a rabid devotion to the New York Mets. His two favorite Mets’ players are Mike Piazza from the distant past and David Wright, who has been prominent in more recent times. He considers Mets broadcaster Ralph Kiner to be the best announcer in the game. He is so devoted, he and his family make it a point to go to at least one Mets game every summer.

These days, Phil Entzminger is a practicing vegan, as he has been since 2017 because he believes it to be a key to a healthy lifestyle. He swears his vegan diet has allowed him to think more clearly, have more energy and to feel stronger than ever before. He claims to be obsessed with foods that avoid the use of animal products, although he admits to not being as strictly vegan as he should be, eating some dairy occasionally, especially given his love of cheese.