Phil Entzinmenger

In addition to traveling and playing golf, Phil Entzminger also enjoys listening to music especially jazz. In fact, he makes regular trips to New Orleans to experience what he considers “real” jazz. Phil enjoys Harry Connick Jr. and other modern jazz players, like . Greg Osby, Charles Gayle and Jacob Collier, who happens to be a particular favorite. He admits to avoiding most jazz-rock fusion, although he does like some of it and considers it all relaxing. One of his favorite things to do is to sit back with a hot cup of coffee and listen to Connick.

Although Phil Entzminger was born and partially raised in Salzburg, Germany, he considers himself a New Yorker at heart, since New York City is where he finished his childhood and where he graduated high school. That part of his childhood seems to be the most indelible, since he is now a strong lover of baseball and he has a rabid devotion to the New York Mets baseball club. He even boasts of two favorite Mets’ players; Mike Piazza in the past and David Wright in more recent times. He even refers to Mets broadcaster Ralph Kiner as his favorite announcer. He and his family continue to make a trip to at least one Mets game every single summer. Following his stint at college, Phil Entzminger made the decision to stay close to his family and, because he loved New York City, he stayed on the East Coast of the U.S. to live and work. He is still there to this day and he wouldn’t live anywhere else.